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Interesting Wrestling (1914-1918)

  • from: fightcon
  • uploaded: Mar 5, 2015
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Interesting wrestling. Location of events unknown.

Interesting Wrestling and Fencing display on a Japanese Battleship. c. 1920. First; wrestling: the mat or ring in FG; with Japanese sailors crowded around watching; and more of them sitting on steps leading up to upper deck. Other wrestlers sit cross legged around edge of mat. The sumo wrestlers wear a loincloth over skin-tight shorts combo. Each pair comes out dancing and jumping around trying to get a hold on each other.

One must throw the other or push him down -- which they do sometimes by grabbing hold of the knot of the loincloth; tied in back. Laughter and cheering from spectators. Same setting; but event changed to Kendo--Japanese martial art fencing sport. The competitors wear masks; protective vests tied on; and big loose pants that almost look like skirts. Their weapons are bamboo poles; covered with leather; which they grip with both hands and swing at each other; sometimes whacking the poles together as in fencing.

Skill; fight; Military; Japanese Navy. Martial arts.
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