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Billy Jack Fight Re-Cut and Expanded

  • from: fightcon
  • uploaded: May 30, 2012
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The fight in the park from the classic movie "Billy Jack," re-cut and expanded.

This version of the fight is about a minute longer than the original.

The previously-unseen footage in this video is just a small part of what is available in the "cut-your-own fight" section on the bonus disc of the 35th Anniversary Billy Jack DVD.

That footage has no audio whatsoever, so I am very grateful to the community at for all of the sound effects I used in this video.

Adding all the sound effects, one at a time, and trying to line them up with the action, was for me the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of making this video. The final sound effect I added was the ambient park sound audio over top of all of the clips, including background traffic and birds. That audio, also from, was recorded by Justine Angus in a park in Sydney Australia- thereby allowing me to import birds from Down Under to the parks of the U.S.

Here's some of the text from the "cut-your-own fight" folder on the 35th Anniversary Billy Jack DVD:

"The footage in this folder is most of the remaining negatives from the original fight scene shoots in 1969 in Prescott, AZ and 1970 in Santa Fe, NM (you can tell the difference by the jackets, the breath, and the white, frostbitten feet).

You will see parts missing. They are the clips that were used in the original film.

By providing this footage, we are encouraging you to come up with your own version of the fight scene."

Finally, I'm particularly grateful to Tom Laughlin for creating the character and the film "Billy Jack." I loved this movie when it was widely released in 1973, and saw it at the theatre multiple times.

Thirty-five years later, I still love this film.

You can buy the DVD boxed set of the Billy Jack Trilogy from Billy (Tom Laughlin) himself here:

Worlwide rights to the Billy Jack films have recently been acquired by:

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