Basic Wrist Control "Theory" 1.0



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Trinity Martial Arts
Sensei Grove

A student had a question after class if he could get a recording of the basic positions we covered in class so he could review it later. i love that!

More to come on this as we get into this intermediate material!

I present this as theory for many reasons. I know it is not like this on the streets or in the cage. That is not our concern right now. What we are doing is educating ourselves on how the body moves and how it does not move. Manipulation of joints and range of motion. We're strictly learning body mechanics.

This type of training is what I call 'compliant self defense theory'.
Its theory because not ever situation in life is the same.
Its compliant for the benefit of safe learning and because serious injury would occur if full speed and force was applied. We drill these basic 'compliant' techniques in hopes of developing muscle memory and simple knowledge of the body.

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