Detroit Police Department MCOLES NLB Tactical Knife Defense Instructor Course



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  • uploaded August 22, 2016

Watch Detroit Police Departments Jason Hulk Martin run through one of the No Lie Blades instructor final exams.

He'll fight through it after running a 1/4 mile, 10 burpees, 10 pushup then engage the unknown edged weapons attacker..

NLB tactical courses including the edged weapons, CQB and tactical firearm course for Law Enforcement are now approved for the state of Michigan. This is really great news for all officers within the state as NLB offers Special Forces grade training which can be received with MCOLES funding.

If your in Law Enforcement and are looking to get current combat CQB and combat based firearms training seek out No Lie Blades / NLB Tactical.

If your in the state of Michigan the opportunity for your department to get this training just got easier.

Email or call 610.442.5539.


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