Emanuel Augustus Highlight - The Drunken Master



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  • uploaded March 5, 2015

Augustus clowning everybody.

Augustus obviously didn't ALWAYS box this way. This video is purely showing him at his clowning best. And no, you won't find a vid of him getting ko'd or hurt while he's doing it.

Also, if you wanna talk about Emanuel's record, go look up the records of the opponents in this vid. E.g. the 1st guy in the white shorts (Alex Trujillo) was a top ranked fighter at 23-1 before Augustus embarrassed him and essentially ended his career. Get some knowledge!

Boxers co-starring in this vid (in order of appearance along with their record at the time):
Alex Trujillo (white) 23-1
Ray Oliveira (red) 47-10-2
Courtney Burton (black w/orange) 20-2
Soren Sondergaard (white) 38-1
Herman Ngoudjo (dark leopard) 11-0
Alvaro Aguilar (black w/white) 16-0
Marteze Logan (leopard) 22-23-2
Allan Vester (white w/black) 10-0
Wale Omotoso (Australian flag) 13-0
Micky Ward (white w/black) 36-10
Dillon Carew (black w/white)16-12-3
Ivan Robinson (blue) 22-0
Floyd Mayweather Jr (black w/white) 23-0
Diosbelys Hurtado (Cuban flag) 21-1
Jun Paderna (yellow) 12-10-3
David Diaz (black) 22-0
Antonio Diaz (white w/red) 29-2
Jon Thaxton (gold w/black) 16-3
Luis Alejandro Ulgade (white w/black) 10-5
Mike Griffith (black) 23-7
Russell Stoner Jones (white w/red) 19-16

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