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THE MOST PROVEN SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. Designed to defend against sudden attack... Learn how to disarm a handgun-wielding home invader and be able to quickly and instinctively shoot in the dark - without using sights - at 90% accuracy! According to the FBI: 38% of All Assaults Occur During a Home Invasion 60% of All Rapes Occur During a Home Invasion Be prepared to defend yourself. In this Level I Seminar you will learn: KRAV MAGA DISARMS: • Use instinctive, natural body motions that are easy to learn and remember! • Apply battle-tested, reality-based disarming that puts the attacker's weapon in your hands! • Learn techniques that are effective under stress and exhaustion... perfect for the average person! POINT SHOOTING: • Defeat an attacker even if the attacker draws first! • Efficiently use the attacker's own weapon against them! • Perform Point Shooting up to 20 feet with speed and 90% accuracy with both eyes open and WITHOUT using sights! COST & EQUIPMENT: $299 includes everything (5 hours, 3 instructors, pistol, ammo, magazines, safety eyes & ears, and Krav Maga equipment). TO REGISTER PLEASE CALL PURE PERFORMANCE MARTIAL ARTS CENTER @ 301-881-7314 or SIGN UP AT THE LINK BELOW: (Classes fill up fast and class size is limited. Waivers and pre-payment required. Registration closes 7/26/13 @ 5:00pm EDT)

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