Martial Arts Odyssey: Muay Chaiya Part 1



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  • uploaded October 7, 2013

Muay Thai Chaiya is a fascinating fighting system deeply rooted in the martial traditions of ancient Thailand. Host, Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo studies with Kru Lek, one of Thailands leading practitioners of this effective art. Chayia uses a low stance, bare knuckles, elbows and knees out, like a prickly pineapple waiting to impale the opponent when he moves in. the movement and position of the Chayia fighter is so different from any other stand up fighting art that it completely takes the opponent out of his game. Antonio was barely able to do anything against a Chayia student who had only six months of experience. The bulk of Kru Leks students are normal people who practice for fun, culture, and fitness. But some chose to fight in the professional Muay Thai ring, and they do extremely well. Unlike sport Muay Thai, Chayia is taught from the ground up, similar to a traditional martial art, such as Karate or Tae Kwan Do. A student could walk in off the street, with previous martial arts experience and begin learning the basics from an instructor.
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