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  • uploaded February 1, 2020

Jeff Wincott is a 5th degree Black Belt in Karate and a Black Belt in Taekwondo who had won both the Ontario and North American Open Championships.

Movies used in this mashup video:
"Martial Law II: Undercover" - Jeff Wincott and Cynthia Rothrock in one action movie
"Deadly Bet" - classic old-school kickboxing filmwith good fight scenes
"Mission of Justice" - Jeff Wincott as a badass cop vs Matthias Hues
"Martial Outlaw" - Triple badass cop kicks all asses, best action movie with Jeff Wincott which has best fight scenes from the owner of the black belt
"Open Fire" - Again cop film?, but now vs Patrick Kilpatrick
"The Killing Machine" - What do you want from standart action film? fights?, you will get it
"Last Man Standing" - There are almost no martial arts, mostly guns
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