Compulsory Wushu Chang Quan - USA Team Trials 2015



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  • uploaded September 2, 2015

Each year a new generation of compelling Wushu athletes compete for a chance to make the United States Wushu Team. The team serves as a representative for the United States during International Games held throughout the globe. The 2015 United States of America Wushu Team Trials was an exciting event, filled with some of the nations brightest and greatest talent. These athletes are an inspiration to all of humanity and serve to demonstrate the capacity for greatness in all of us. They are true champions fighting to achieve a success far beyond imagination.






What is Wushu?

Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu offers free Shaolin Kung Fu Training classes online for enthusiasts who are unable to attend a qualified Wushu or Shaolin Kung Fu school. The classes are broadcasted live for anyone interested in learning and is provided free of charge as a global service to the world. In return we hope to spread the teachings of Kung Fu to help enrich the lives of others and promote positive change in the world by bringing practitioners closer together.

If you are interested in the Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Online Distance Education Course, please register on the website. The Online Course is a revolutionary new program allowing anyone in the world who has access to the Internet to become an official student of our school by learning from home. The program is available on DVD, Download on demand, or streaming through our website. Students can earn an official Black Belt Level Certificate in Wushu , Shaolin Kung Fu, Weapons, Tai Chi, and other forms of Chinese Martial Arts.


For practitioners with previous experience of another style of Kung Fu, we invite you to study along as an extracurricular activity. The Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu curriculum is an extensive survey of both modern and traditional styles of Kung Fu also referred to as Wushu. The curriculum includes standardized routines from the International Wushu Federation, Shaolin Temple, and Jing Wu Organization. It is a forward thinking and revolutionary program featuring the best of Chinese Martial Arts.


For practitioners interested in training at our studio, the facility is located in Gardena, California on the Northeast corner of Normandie Avenue and 137th street situated in the South bay of the Los Angeles, California Basin. It is a spacious 4,000 Square feet Martial Arts studio dedicated to Contemporary Wushu and Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for professional artisans. The facility is equipped with a seamless martial arts floor used for throws, sparring, grappling, and combats sports. In addition, there is a competition gymnastics springboard floor. The equipment is for professional artisans during rehearsals of rolls, flips, gymnastics, Wushu, and aerial tricks. Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu is also equipped with kickboxing equipment, heavy bags, weapon racks, and a traditional Wing Chun Dummy. —

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