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  • uploaded September 15, 2017

From the very beginning of January when Bob White was first diagnosed with cancer Barbara and Bob received tremendous support from family and friends. In some cases the friends were people that they had never met. The offers of prayers, financial donations, visits,meals being brought to them, and other unsolicited acts of kindness were overwhelming. Barbara and Bob wanted to do more to bring attention to living a life of service.They created this DVD called. “Let's Live a Life of Service.” It uses the fundraiser “A Day of Appreciation” that was created by Mike Pick to help raise funds for Bob's cancer treatment. The DVD has Tom Bleecker, Benny Urquidez, Gabe Fabela, John Conway, Ron Sanchez, Chuck Sullivan, and Bryan Hawkins teaching. Barbara and Bob have some plans for future fundraising activities and it is their desire that service becomes a normal aspect of our the kenpo community. Tom Bleecker has given great suggestions throughout the production of this DVD and Bob and Barbara hope the DVD will viewed throughout the world.

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