Mock Riot with Detroit Police Department _ No Lie Blades_ NLB Tactica



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  • uploaded August 22, 2016

So many Departments and agencies say they train for street violence, but do they really? How does standing on the firing line during the day with your feet planted, weapons out of the holster in a low ready, then firing when the range master says shoot truly prepare you for street violence. When it generally happens at night, the subject is moving and your holstered up.

That is a BAD battle plan!

Detroit Police Department is one of the few Police Departments that is changing that their planning properly by training they way violence happens. It can often be explosive with several attackers in small spaces or open areas. It can happen with firearms, edged and blunt weapons or no weapons.

Train the way it happens, not the way you want it to be, but for the way it is!

This training evolution is building skill with training concepts and movements previously learned. Real fights never look pretty, if you find yourself in a choreographed well timed series of strikes and shots. Your probably in a dream or watching a movie. Wake up to the reality of violence. 610.442.5539


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