Nassim Young Dragon AMXMA DEMO at The Queen Latifah Show 3/4/2014



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"Be prepared... Mentally and Physically to enter the game"
Thank you Dad for giving me the best gift of life ....YOU BELIEVED IN ME......
Nassim Young Dragon Faras Lahrizi
9 year old Jr. Black Belt 5 time WKC Karate & Kickboxing World Champion with 108 Titles from 2011 till 2014.
Nassim is a competitor of the year 2012 and 2013., award by Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors.
On any given day you may find nine-year-old Nassim Faras Lahrizi sketching one of his favorite superheroes from his collection of Marvel Comic books or creating a new character to add to his own assortment of drawings. You may even find him running around the neighborhood playing a detective game or tag with the neighborhood kids. However, there is something that sets this pint-sized powerhouse apart from others. Nassim is a Junior Black Belt World Champion that can also be found training at his father's (Grand Master Hamid Lahrizi) Martial Arts Academy

Nassim has broken the world record for being the youngest black belt to compete in the WKC World Championships in Montreal Canada where he won World Champion in Extreme Forms, a Gold medal in Fighting Kickboxing for the 25 kilo and under division, and the opportunity to perform at the night show. Nassim is also a four time Gold Medalist KRANE RATINGS INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION in all 4 Divisions (fighting-extreme forms-traditional forms-weapon forms) State, Regional & National as well as a three times Gold Medalist KRANE TRIPLE CROWN CHAMPION Junior Black Belt.

Nassim continued to do Seminars and demonstrations in Europe and USA from Maine, DC and California leading to the opportunity of being chosen to represent and model for Traditionz Wear by famed Don "The Dragon" Wilson, James Wilson-and Cynthia Rothrock

Nassim recently returned from a two-week seminar tour in Northern Ireland where he demonstrated and taught classes with his father, Master Hamid Lahrizi. He was recently named the Youngest Moroccan Sports Ambassador to the North America and United States by Moroccan World News, Visa Tour who has partnered with Nassim in his effort to start a foundation oversees that would sponsor orphans with leukemia and autism.
Nassim is always aiming for perfection which makes it easy for him to give up some of his playtime for the sports and the art that he loves
AMXMA (All Mixed Extreme Mixed Martial Arts).
-Karate Shotokan
-Gymnaskicks (Tricking).



Hamid's Academy
397-399 Westgate Dr.


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