The Sad Truth Behind Bruce Lee's Tragic Death



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  • uploaded June 3, 2020

Bruce Lee could flow like water and spin nunchucks like no one else. Thanks to his mind-blowing kicks and lightning-fast speed, the man became a star in the span of just a few years. But in an unfortunate twist of fate, Bruce Lee never lived to see his big moment. Here's the truth behind Bruce Lee's tragic death.

Bruce Lee was practically made for the movies. As a kid growing up in Hong Kong, Lee was a prolific child actor, playing in around 20 films. And when he moved back to his birth country of the United States, he opened martial arts schools, taught stars including Steve McQueen, and even donned a black mask and started fighting crime.

Playing Kato on The Green Hornet, Lee introduced kung fu to the American mainstream. Unfortunately, the series only lasted 26 episodes and failed to launch him into the big time. Frustrated by Hollywood executives passing him over or giving him bit parts, Lee packed his bags and returned to Hong Kong, where he discovered he was the most famous man alive. The Green Hornet was so popular in his homeland that it was known as The Kato Show, and soon Lee was getting leading man parts in Hong Kong films.

Lee's first film as a lead actor was The Big Boss, which became the highest-grossing movie in Hong Kong history. It held that record until Lee's second film, Fist of Fury, came along. Soon after, Lee even got a chance to direct, working on both sides of the camera for Way of the Dragon. After just three films, Lee was suddenly the king of Asian cinema, and Hollywood finally decided they wanted to be in the Bruce Lee business.

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