Warrior : Ancient Indian Martial Arts (Artistic Showcase)



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  • uploaded September 4, 2017

The Indian Martial Art of Mardani Khel in Maharashtra has been in dark a long time. The number of highly skilled martial artists are becoming extinct. This film is an attempt to bring the art to light, with hope that the art will be revived. This art was at its highest peak during the reign of the Great King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. A similar and highly sophisticated art known as Kalaripayattu / Kalaripayattam is also practiced in Southern Parts of India.

[All video is as is, no fil speedup was done, the speed of the artists is natural.

This was an experimental video to give a kickstart to the channel.

Official purpose only contact at : inspirination@gmail.com.

A Film by : Prathamesh KriSang

Music : By my friend Alexandre Guiraud // Wizart Music [ http://wizartmusic.com/ ] from Castres, France. Also make sure to check out more EPIC music at his channel [ http://www.youtube.com/wizartsounddesign ]

Artists from Hind Pratishthan, Kolhapur.

Edit : Shivganesh Bhalekar

Special Thanks :

1. My friend Jayant Bhosale from Kolhapur who dedicated all four days of the shoot as well as did a lot of 'jugaad' for making the video happen.

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