Women in Iran Turn to Martial Arts



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  • uploaded September 24, 2016

Azadeh was robbed on the street in broad daylight, and her bag was stolen. But when it happened a second time, she was able to defend herself, using skills she'd learned at the Iran International Martial Arts School.

The school trains men and women of all ages to defend themselves and others against street attacks. The equipment is quite modest, but the results have been impressive.

"Young women need to possesses the skills of martial arts, self defense, especially now when there are so many robbers and aggressive people on the streets. And by learning self defense skills, young women can feel safe", Azadeh says.

The school is the first of its kind in Iran, and it is continually growing in popularity.

"In our teaching we use techniques and principles of self defense from the Far East -- kung fu, taekwondo and karate - we teach civilians to protect themselves", school director Ali Bab Al-hawa'iji says.

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